July 15, 2018

Hello everyone!, Welcome to the first post of HeadArrow Website! HeadArrow has obtained LifeRP, It is now part of one of our projects, our first step with LifeRP will be, keep the plans followed so far, can see those plans here. Another of our measures is to keep LifeRP (“Free Version”) the free version of the workshop, which can also be seen here. Together with these measures, we must clarify that LifeRP continue to be paid until the completion of the project, in which case will be released in the same way in the Workshop for free download completely.

We will keep the Staff and current members, accommodating our and improving the project.
In its completion will add our own 3D models.
All existing customers of LifeRP will continue to maintain.
All of our changes will begin to be effective from July 23, 2018, with the complete collection of LifeRP.
Att. HeadArrow Team

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